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Hello!  So glad you visited!  My Doula journey began when I was privileged to be present at the birth of my nephew.  I was deeply moved by the beauty of the birth experience and found I was intuitive in knowing how to help. I ended up at  5 births of family and friends that year in a non-professional capacity and got trained soon after. I feel so honored to support women in this miraculous journey in a professional capacity.  I am a CAPPA certified Labor and Birth Doula serving the South Bay Area of Los Angeles.  I am a mama to 3 precious littles and a lover of deep conversations, a good cup of tea, and the creative process.  I look forward to getting to know you.

A note about my work:

My certification is from CAPPA who holds Doulas to the highest ethical standards of practice.  CAPPA training is rigorous and comprehensive.  

I am also a continual learner so I regularly read books, attend workshops, listen to podcasts,  and seek to grow my knowledge and skill base to give mamas the best care possible.   I am a certified Body Ready Method® Pro.  See services to learn more about that. I also trained under the renowned Valerie Lynn from Eco-Postnatal Care in Southeast Asian postnatal care for optimal body healing. I have also completed a workshop through Spinning Babies® that promotes physiological birth through body balancing, positioning, and movement.  I recommend that all my clients get their hands on Gail Tully's groundbreaking book, "Changing Birth on Earth" to educate themselves about her evidence based techniques. 

I believe deeply in supporting all members of the mama's birth team so that they can optimally care for her.  My prenatal trainings are inclusive of all partners or other loved ones that the mama wishes to be present at her birth so that we are all on the same page about how to care for her in ways that feel safe, respectful, peaceful, and empowering to her.  One of the greatest privileges of my work is witnessing and facilitating the love and care that is poured out on behalf of the mama during the labor and delivery process.  If a mama does not have anyone in addition to herself to call on to be present at her birth, I am deeply honored to fill that space fully as well.  I decided to brand myself as CALM mama doula because I have found that my role as a doula often serves to ground a mother emotionally through the birth process.  If you ask people who know me how they would describe my energy and presence, they use the word "calm".  I would love to share my calm with you!

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