How can a Doula prepare me for birth?

A Doula is a trained professional who can educate you about the stages of labor and delivery, how to navigate those stages, what choices are available to you in birthing, and how to prepare your mind and body for birth through nutrition, exercise and relaxation.

How does a Doula support me during labor and delivery?

Togetherness:  A Doula works closely with your birth team including both medical professionals and family members to create an environment that is supportive of your needs.

Physical Support: A Doula gets to know your specific needs and preferences and can provide:

  • coaching you through the physical work of contractions to help your labor progress.
  • pain management through positioning and movement, guided relaxation, breathing techniques, and more.
  • helping to create an environment for birthing that you feel safe, peaceful, and comfortable in.

Emotional Support: A Doula can help you stay in the present moment, holding space for you to process your birth journey as it is happening.  

Informational Support: A Doula provides evidence-based information to you in a timely manner to support you in your decision making process before, during, and after birth.

How does having a Doula present impact my birth?

Evidence shows that having a Doula present at your birth has an impact:

  • 50% less chance of C-section
  • 25% shorter labor
  • 60% reduction in epidural requests
  • 30% reduction in pain medication use
  • 40% reduction in forceps delivery
  • 40% reduction in Pitocin use

What are some CALM Mama recommended resources?

Body Ready Method:  https://bodyreadymethod.com/offerings/?osm=571

Eco-Postnatal Care Products (I offer services): www.ecopostnatalcare.com

Spinning Babies Parent Class:  https://www.spinningbabies.com/product/parent-class-video-digital-download/

Evidence Based Birth: www.evidencebasedbirth.com

Gilligan's Guide:  https://gilligansguide.com

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