Having Kimberly as our doula was one of the best decisions of our lives. From preparation beforehand to the toughest moments during birth, she was everything we needed: calm, knowledgeable, alert, supportive and tireless. Her presence is synonymous with safety and reassurance. There were multiple unforeseen instances and circumstance during the birth that Kimberly noticed with doula vigilance and navigated with doula grace. I have since recommended having a doula to all my baby-expectant friends... and they would be oh so lucky to have someone as special and sincere as Kimberly. ~P Family

Simply put: Hire Kimberly. I'm a doula myself and have worked with Kimberly for years. She is incredibly knowledgeable, making her an asset to any birth team. When I became pregnant, I knew I had to have her as my birth doula. With her training in the Body Ready Method, she was able to assess my flexibility and movements during pregnancy, and give me exercises to strengthen muscles and loosen tightness that would affect the remainder of my pregnancy and ultimately my birth.

I was induced at 37 weeks for medical reasons and Kimberly helped tremendously in my decision-making process leading up to my induction day. She helped talk me through all of my options and was available to me and my husband throughout the start of induction and early labor. She was a breath of fresh air walking in the door when she joined us in active labor. She immediately started doing body work to make me comfortable, which felt incredible and gave me exactly what I needed to continue. Kimberly helped communicate with the hospital staff to make sure everyone was on the same page about my desires, ensuring everyone was working together as a strong team.

As unexpected turns came up during labor (which, there's ALWAYS unexpected turns no matter how well you plan), she helped keep me calm and reminded me of my preferences that we'd discussed beforehand. It was great to have her to bounce ideas off of and gain more information as we made decisions along the way. She has a wealth of knowledge about how the body moves in labor and was able to get me in different positions to help baby move down and progress my labor.

When c-section was discussed after a very long labor, she reminded me of my strength and ability to carry on. I had a vaginal delivery (with no tearing!!) and I attribute a lot of this success to Kimberly's help. So again, HIRE KIMBERLY. You will not regret it." ~Mama D

Kimberly Ryan was my birth hero! I am grateful for everything she's done during this important transition for our family in November 2023. I had a very traumatic emergency C-section with my first child so I was determined to work with a knowledgeable doula for a TOLAC/VBAC for my second and I could not be more fortunate to have worked with her. The prenatal sessions were extremely informative while being a two-way street - providing ample room for the expecting parent to feel heard and understood. Time flew by for every session and made me feel more prepared than the last. We would not only learn about birth but also enjoy conversing with her. Her background in the Body Ready Method and physiology, leading me through exercises were so helpful to help prepare physically for labor.

Kimberly's breadth and depth of knowledge of all things birth-related - even while I was fighting COVID in Week 37 and ended up in the ER, she provided evidence-based support for me to make an informed decision on the meds I was offered for the pain. For birth itself, even though I wanted to go for a VBAC, I ended up with a scheduled C-section since my baby was breech, but even then, Kimberly's calming, affirming, and assured presence during prep, and surgery (she accompanied me in the OR alongside my husband), and recovery grounded me and guided me through it all to cope and actually appreciate the type of birth that I did not want previously.

Her network of providers and recommendations were also 10/10 as every provider I was recommended by Kimberly were sheer rockstars, folks who really take care of the expectant mother holistically. Look no further than Kimberly for your birth doula. I mean it!!" Mama K

We had exceptional care and education from Kimberly. She was very thorough, met with us many times before labor and delivery and educated us about the birth process and what to except. She eased my fears and anxieties and was available when via text and the phone. Her many years of experience and her calm presence showed during my delivery and I was so grateful and thankful that she was by my side. She is a true professional and friend and we can't highly recommend her enough! ~Mama A

Kimberly was truly a blessing! I searched months for a doula and once I interviewed with her I knew I had to have her be a part of my birth experience. She provided a level and calm aura, interacted wonderfully with the medical staff, and made me feel super supported. She has become a part of our family and will definitely be a part of our next birth. I highly recommend her!" Mama G

We are incredibly lucky to have had Kimberly as our doula! From her prenatal sessions to labor to postpartum checkup, Kimberly always brought a calming energy to everyone around. Her prenatal sessions were incredibly informative and helpful! It is clear how knowledgeable Kimberly truly is, and we loved her evidence-based approach - as well as having her PowerPoints to reference afterwards. During labor, Kimberly was amazing. She guided me through position after position to help ease the process, and she consistently brought her calm strength to each step along the way. I would highly recommend Kimberly, especially to first-time parents who are seeking guidance!" Mama L

We decided to get a doula somewhat last minute before our birth and we are SO happy we did! This was our first birth and Kimberly was perfect for us. There were a lot of things going into birth that we didn't think of (or didn't know) and Kimberly prepped and helped us with a birth plan as well as exercises and routines to help prepare my body and mind for labor. Kimberly has a great demeanor, which always helped me feel calm and in control. I was a little nervous for birth, but once we hired and worked with Kimberly I went into labor excited and honestly really enjoyed birth, which is something I never thought I'd say! She was great at helping me communicate what I was wanting and helping me stay comfortable and focused during birth. Kimberly also went above and beyond with communication and being there for us. We love Kimberly and she'll always hold a special place in our hearts. I could not recommend working with her more!" ~B Family

From my first phone conversation with Kimberly, I felt an immediate sense of comfort and calm. From the time I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted a doula and having Kimberly be part of this journey was more than I could have asked for. The prenatal sessions were so helpful for both my husband and I as we prepared to bring our daughter into the world. She was also so prompt to respond any time I texted her with questions or concerns during my pregnancy. When I found out that my baby was still breech and I was going to have a c-section, Kimberly respectfully listened as I shared my concerns and disappointment since I had been planning for a natural birth. On the day of my daughter's birth, Kimberly was there with us at the hospital and talked us through the process. She held my hand throughout the surgery and also took photos when my husband and I weren't able to. It was so helpful having her with us during the surgery and talk me through the whole thing and also help instruct my husband and how he could help me. All the breathing exercises we had worked on in the prenatal sessions still were useful during surgery too. Kimberly stayed with us for the day and when she left us that night, my husband made the comment of how incredibly helpful it was to have Kimberly help and guide us and how he couldn't have imagined not having her there. We are forever grateful for your knowledge, support, and kindness!" ~ Mama E

My husband and I had the pleasure of having Kim Ryan's support during our son's birth in July 2022.

Leading up to our son's birth, Kim educated us on what to expect during the birth and postpartum stages, as well as instructed me (mama) on how to prepare my body using the BRM (Body Ready Method). Kim was thorough, thoughtful, and incredibly intuitive throughout the entire process; providing what we needed, when we needed it. For example, after seeing a Pelvic Floor Therapist and sharing their findings with Kim, she carefully modified my BRM plan to fit my needs.

All of the prenatal sessions with Kim helped us feel confident going into our birth. When the time of our son's birth came, she met us at the hospital and brought her calm and peaceful energy. She gently provided positioning suggestions, words of encouragement, and loving touch to mama and dad. When we reached a critical point during labor, Kim spoke on behalf of mama to the medical staff; her requests lead to a more comfortable solution and was a catalyst for a smooth delivery. We truly believe our incredible labor can be attributed to the prep we did with Kim, and to her advocating for us while in the delivery room. The "cherry on top" was Kim's nurturing presence post-birth where she made sure that mama and dad were fed and cared for before triage.

Thank you Kim, you made our amazing birth experinece what it was."  Parents A & M

I have used Kimberly for both of my births. The first time she made us feel very comfortable and although she was just beginning her journey of becoming a doula she was very knowledgable. As new parents we didn't truly know what to expect at a birth but she walked us through it all and calmed us both down. She knew the cues as to when I was having a contraction and how to effectively get me through it. What I also loved is how she managed my emotions and found healthy gateways to channel my energy. The second time she was present for our son's birth, it made us feel like we were a family reunited once again. She advocated for what I wanted and stood by my decisions even though it was not an ideal birth plan. Unfortunately, I developed preclampsia and was admitted to the hospital 5 weeks early, she was pretty much in the hospital almost everyday for a week to make sure I was taken care of and knew what medicine I was given and the correct dosage amount. She made sure I understood it all since it was new territory and experience for me. My husband tried joining as much as he can but also managing our household alone with our toddler. Having her with me and advocating on my behalf made us at ease because we didn't know what to expect having a premature baby. If we ever choose to have another baby, even though this pregnancy was rather difficult. I would choose her again. She is pretty much family to us and I love sending her updates of both my children. " ~ Mama C.R,

There's a reason they call Kimberly "Calm Mama Doula." From the moment I met Kimberly, I felt a level of comfort and trust in her. I started working with Kimberly a few months before I gave birth. I wanted to have the best pregnancy and birth experience possible, which meant preparing long before I got to the hospital.

Kimberly worked with me on the "Body Ready Method," where she taught me exercises (instead of just stretching) that helped me feel my best during my pregnancy, and prepared my body for all stages of birth.

Throughout each session, Kimberly was a wealth of information. She taught me and my partner so much about the mental and physical changes that happen while you're pregnant. She had detailed PowerPoints that were pretty amazing. She also gave us an in-depth understanding of each phase of birth. Her reliance on evidence-based care and teaching me that I have options and how to advocate for myself made a world of difference. I am forever grateful for this wisdom.

My birth experience was one I will cherish forever. It was incredible. I felt so empowered, supported, and strong. Armed with the tools and mindset Kimberly had instilled in me, I was able to have the birth I wanted. And she was there guiding me every step of the way. Always calm, always reassuring, and always reminding me I have options. She gave me an unlimited number of positions to labor in (which we had gone over in our last session), regardless of the scenario.

I wanted to have a natural birth, and even with Pitocin and having my water broken, I was able to do so. I know this wouldn't have been possible without Kimberly's guidance. She stayed with us for an hour or so after our son was born, which meant a lot.

Kimberly is genuine, creative, and deeply cares about her clients and their babies. She is a lifelong supporter of families and keeps in touch with to this day.

THANK YOU for everything Kimberly! We love you!" - Parents A & M

My experience with Kimberly was such an amazing one! She was constantly available to me via text, call, at anytime for all of my pregnancy and labor questions. She readily responded with great information and knowledge regarding topics of my concern. She never gave her opinion and instead stated facts and highlighted evidence based results. Kimberly is someone who is very kind, and compassionate. She makes you feel safe, and well taken care of. I always felt heard and listened to during times of stress or uncertainty. She has a very calming way about explaining situations to you that made me feel safe and understood. Kimberly was able to come to my house for a visit during pregnancy where she got to know me and my partner, she asked about all of my preferences, and any concerns I have regarding my birth plan. She showed us positions to help with my specific pain, and went over options for birthing positions and breathing techinques. All of this amazing knowledge helped me feel prepared and empowered for my birth. During the time at the hosptial Kimberly was absolutely an integrile part of my birthing team. She came as soon as we let her know my water broke and was there for the entire labor. She helped me to stay calm, instructed and coached me on breathing and positioning, and empowered me to give birth to my sweet baby. My birth experience would not have been what it was without her. My partner and I felt safe, comforted, and like we had this amazing tool in our back pocket. Kimberly made my birth experience extremely special, especially for a first time mom. I would recommend her services to every woman giving birth. I look back on my birth experience so fondly and with such a special glow because of the way Kimberly made me feel. I cannot imagine doing that without her! Thank you Kimberly you are a very special person!"  - Mama S.L.

Kimberly was amazing! As a first time father not knowing exaclty what to expect having Kim's knowledge and expertise in the room was very reassuring! She was very in tune with my girlfriend with where she was at in her labor and helped guide me in how to help Savannah. I'm so grateful for her and were so glad we chose her as our doula! ~ Daddy R.P.

Kimberly was wonderful to work with during my pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. She was extremely supportive and helpful to both myself and my husband every step in our journey. She brought evidence based information that helped us make important, educated decisions for our health and baby's health. She helped me get through the toughest parts of labor and remain calm, I would have totally panicked without her being there. She also gave amazing massages to ease the pain <3 And when our baby arrived she remained a great support and resource for us first time parents trying to figure out how to care for a newborn. We are thankful for her and 1000% we want her there at our next pregnancy and birth! ~ Mama A.M,

With my first birth I did not have a doula but knew I definitely wanted to have the support of a doula for my next birth. Having Kim as our doula was even more incredible than I could have imagined. She did body work with me days before I even went into labor. She was always available to talk when I had a concern or questions. She encouraged and supported me through the entire labor and delivery. She was so calm and attentive to my needs which gave me so much strength during the most difficult points in labor. In the immediate postpartum period she checked in and was not only a listening ear to the various struggles I had but she supplied me with resources such as a lactation consultant, chiropractor, and pelvic floor specialist. She takes a holistic approach knowing that both the mental and physical aspects of healing need to be addressed. She became our friend through this experience and I'm so grateful to her! " ~ Mama K

My husband and I can't rave enough about Kimberly's attention, care, support and knowledge!  She was the absolute perfect doula and her name- calm mama fits perfectly!  From her prenatal support (meetings, education, text support and more!) to our extremely crazy birth- she was on top of it!  In labor, our baby turned into a wrong position and Kimberly stayed by my side and helped to position me through contractions to encourage him to spin to the right spot, and it worked! She was calm, direct and present- coaching my husband and I in a way that brought peace and wisdom during a trying time. Then, when baby decided to come in record speed at our home instead of the birth center, she remained cool and collected and really created the best atmosphere.  Never once did she lose her cool.  She guided my breaths, spoke truths to me, reminded me I could do this and physically touched and rubbed and held my hand in ways that really just continued to encourage and help the situation.  She was amazing and perfect and my husband and I are so thankful she was there.  Right after delivery she cleaned me, fed me, and cared for me so I could just lay and rest!  Same with postpartum care.  Delivery didn't stop her attention on mommy and baby.  She is still continuing to care for me in ways I didn't know I needed!  My birth was so peaceful and loving and it's totally because Kimberly was part of my team! 10 stars!!" ~ Mama C.M.

All I can say was that Kimmy was amazing.  I've known Kim since I was around 2 years old and her family has always meant a lot to me.  So, when choosing a doula, it only seemed appropriate to choose her.  She has such a calming presence and is LITERALLY the person you want when in pain.  She was there with me throughout the hard part of my home labor and coached me incredibly for the marathon ahead.  I could not have done it without her.  The breathing, positioning, and zen mindset is what gave me that "dream" delivery experience.  I went from 5 to 10 cm in 40 minutes, and as a first time mom, that is rare.  She got me to that point and taught me how to listen to my body in those crucial moments.  Not only with my delivery, but with postpartum care as well, she guided me to heal as quickly as I have.  I'm so thankful for Kimmy in so many ways and was just in awe of her patient, kind, and perseverant attitude.  Love you Kimmy!  You're the best! XO" ~Mama L.C.

This was my second time having Kimberly for my births and I can honestly say I would have had very different experiences if it had not been for her. She has a quiet strength about her which gives you comfort and ease during perhaps the most painful time of your life. Kimmy's attention to detail and focus on her client is unbelievably present and special. I cannot express enough how having Kimmy as my doula made my births less painful and more peaceful. I could completely rely on her for my needs during all parts of my birth and I could not picture her not there. Kimmy, I love you and thank you for making me love my birthing center birth and more recently, my homebirth! You're amazing. Xo" ~ Mama L.C.

I couldn't decide if I wanted a doula or not. Some of my friends have never heard of it and some friends highly recommended it. I spoke to a handful who had different styles of support so I wasn't sure how to select one. Ultimately, it came down to the fear of being sent home by the hospital, possibly more than once, for showing up too early.

I'm so fortunate to have found Kimberly because she offers a holistic approach with services that fit my needs. The virtual support was great because she always had an answer and offered resources to do additional research if I wanted. The hands on sessions were really helpful because they eased my prenatal mind and body. I felt prepared for labor and relied so much on her during my delivery. I may have had to have an emergency c-section if it wasn't for her there.

I also lucked out because Kimberly operates near my birthing hospital and residence which means she had recommendations for specialists near me! I'm sad that she doesn't offer postpartum services because I would work with her again without thinking twice." ~ Mama S

CALM Mama Doula is an excellent name for Kimberly's business, as this is exactly what she brings to the birth process. We sought Kimberly's services for the birth of our second baby, and it was the best decision we made. Her prenatal sessions were organized, thoughtful, tailored, and very informative. I felt completely supported and empowered during my son's hospital birth, thanks to Kimberly's expertise. Postpartum, Kimberly was so attentive and thoughtful. In addition to providing education on healing practices using food and massage, she also showed me how to apply a Bengkung belly wrap, which has been so helpful in my recovery. After only a few days of wearing the wrap, I've noticed a difference in my posture and core activation. Thank you Kimberly, for being the CALM in the storm of a pandemic birth and helping to make the experience one to be cherished." ~ Mama S.M.

I HIGHLY recommend Kim, especially for the delivery of your first child. I absolutely loved my experience and couldn't imagine not having her by my side through such a transforming process. I had no idea what to expect in the delivery room and I'm so glad I had Kim. She brought a nurturing voice, an encouraging word, a calm presence, and joyful spirit. I could ask her any question (before, during, and after delivery!) and she put my mind to ease. She always checked in on me and put my needs first as a new mom. So blessed by her amazing care!" ~ Mama N.D.

Looking for someone to support and educate you? A doula that is patient and brings peace to the situation? Someone who answers all your questions? Kimberly is all that and more. She brings the most needed elements during a potentially stressful, scary and new situation to everyone involved. She educated my husband and I about every detail of birth and opened our eyes to ways that make it less painful such as stretches and exercises and I felt quite empowered. Wherever you decide to give birth, whether at home or a hospital, etc., she is there for you. I highly recommend Kimberly. She was a blessing to my family in such a time and made my labor/birth much better than I ever thought it could be." ~Mama  J.V.

I could not be happier with Kimberly. She made my birth experience so much better. I honestly don't know how we would've done it without her. She was extremely calming and knowledgeable. I will recommend her to all my friends!"~Mama  J.L.

"Kim was a tremendous asset, comfort, and source of reason during labor. She was a tremendous blessing to us and I can't imagine doing it without her."~Daddy R.L.

Kimberly Ryan's assistance before, during, and after labor was incredibly helpful. This was my second baby and I wish I would have had her support with my first. My birth experience was actually calm. She helped me manage my pain and I did not need to use any medication or have an epidural. Her calm demeanor was a godsend to both my partner and me." Mama ~A.C.

Kimberly was amazing and a joy to work with. I love how she involved the father and other family members in the care. She rocked! It was a privilege to work with her." ~Mama C.S.

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